Tacoma City Council Takes on Arizona

Written by Scott

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Tomorrow evening the Tacoma’s City Council will take up Resolution No. 38034, which is summarized as:

“Expressing opposition to Arizona’s State Law Senate Bill 1070, “Support Our Law

Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act”; and calling for a boycott of the state of
Arizona and Arizona-based businesses.”
The News Tribune had an outstanding editorial yesterday that summed it up in its title, Tacoma council should stay out of Arizona’s business. Simply put, as I tweeted earlier today, the City Council needs get on with real issues and leave Arizona alone. Govern Tacoma.
Council members not only risk losing support over an issue they really have no business in, but risk having a large number of constituents actively campaign against them. Furthermore, some of us will be actively seeking to move our businesses out of Tacoma’s jurisdiction. I will be among those numbers in both cases.
But then again, if Council members are too busy doing things other than governing Tacoma, they might not have noticed the abundance of For Sale and For Lease signs all over Tacoma. Or maybe they don’t care now that they’ve been elected…

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