Tacoma Votes Tonight on Arizona…

Written by Scott

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…and in preparation for that, I’ve got a special surprise. As I noted yesterday, those Tacoma City Council members who choose to support this resolution rather than do what they were elected to do (that is, if not clear enough, to govern TACOMA) risk not only losing support for themselves, but having constituents actively campaign against them AND losing the support of businesses locally and outside of Tacoma.

To that end, if the Council chooses to disregard their duties in a lame attempt at making some vague political brownie points, there will be a new website launched.
But I need your help. Would you consider helping defer the costs? Every little bit helps!


Update: Council is currently taking public comments. Bad part about it is that the comments of those who support the “punishing” of Arizona no longer apply, because of the amended resolution, which removed the travel advisory and calls on the federal government for immigration reform. Then again, that’s what happens when the council members don’t submit the amended resolution until the actual council meeting…you know, transparency and all.

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