Taxes and Fairness

Written by Scott

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Had an interesting conversation via twitter (sorry, was via DM, so unsearchable) about taxes recently. This person was from a completely different political orientation than I am…pretty much diametrically opposed to me. This discussion ended up drifting toward the concept of taxation “fairness”.

So I asked if he would support a flat-rate tax by which everyone paid the same proportional amount of their income. The answer was not only a no, but a resounding no.

Fairness, you should know, is about control and distribution of wealth. It’s all rhetoric, and in the case of those on the Left, it’s about controlling and redefining words. (Like this person using the term “libertarian” in a recent description of his political beliefs when it sounds more like he’s got a chance at becoming the next Noam Chomsky…who, by the way, claims to be a libertarian socialist (oh, the irony of putting those two terms together).

But as for the controlling and redefining of words, we know that from the politically-correct movement, don’t we?

PS I may have done something horribly wrong in that discussion. I suggested, tongue-in-cheek, that perhaps we should legislate how much–on the high end–that people should be allowed to make…a maximum wage law. Watch for that in future legislative sessions.

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  1. A maximum wage? Interesting. Reason enough for me to do away with the minimum wage and simply go to fair market value. Lest they start talking about something like a fixed equal wage, used to purchase a fixed amount of identical products per month for each and every human being on the planet.