The Flooring Project

Written by Scott

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Today JoAnn and the kiddos headed down to the Portland area as part school/field trips, part visiting her family down there, part mini-vacation away from me, and part getting out of the house while I work on the flooring.

That was the plan anyway. I’d expected to start early afternoon, but, well, work got in the way. Majorly. As it will beginning very early tomorrow as well. But…it is all billable, so won’t complain.
So I started way late, an can’t quite stay up as late as I wanted, since I have to be up really early. When I told a friend about my plans and what I was doing, they told me I should ask CUTTING EDGE FLOORING SERVICES to help me with it. If the space was bigger, I’d have certainly considered it. Prior to this, for flow screeding, I was also told to choose what kind of “screeding” I wanted. I got to know that liquid screed, quick dry screed, and anhydrite screed are some of the types of flow screed. My friends from the UK, told me that they generally take help from London screeding contractors (and its likes) who could undertake all sizes and manner of flow screed installations.
Anyways, for this time, the progress was made.
This first pic is of the room once I got everything (except the cat, apparently) out. Very old, very worn carpet. And yes, there was a large area run in the middle for a good chunk of the time.

Got the carpet removed, which was the easy part. Below shows the padding beneath…what it doesn’t show is the massive stapling job the installers did. If there was an iron shortage about 12 or so years ago, this may have been the cause. Took quite a bit of time to pull all those staples.
And this is the old original pine flooring. Some of it in great shape, some not. The “stuff” you see on it is a combo of dirt and the breakdown of some of the padding. And hopefully no toxic mold, but time will tell on that one. A friend told me they had a lot of great flooring options at when we were looking for a replacement flooring. In the end we went with a place closer to home, but it’s definitely worth taking a look at.
And after cleaning and sweeping, and sweeping some more, the beginning of the flooring.
And some more. Before I knew it, it was 8pm, and while I wanted to do more tonight, a 4-5a.m.-ish start to tomorrow deemed that not such a great idea. Plus I needed to put some tools away, go get some ice cream, and rest the aching back before bed. Oh and one more thing, check out best robotic vacuums of 2019 for the best devices to look after any flooring.
More tomorrow!

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  1. Keim says:

    Why didn't you just refinish the old floor? Seems like it would have been cheaper.

  2. mom2giqm says:

    Looking good! I can't believe you did the carpet removal & started laying the floor in the same day! Oh my gosh! That's a LOT of work by itself.

  3. Scott says:

    DK: yeah, it might be…but we have absolutely no idea of the condition of the rest of the floor. And from what I'm seeing, I think we made the right decision.

  4. JoAnn says:

    Is all the white in the photo mold? I hope not. If it is, do you think it will die off without being cleaned?

  5. Scott says:

    Not mold, but from the padding breaking down. Scraping & cleaning as I go.