BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse Review

It’d been a long extended weekend with the family gone since Wednesday and me reflooring much of our downstairs, so when they got home yesterday , the last thing either of us wanted to do was cook. So we went out for dinner.
We’d never been to Tacoma’s (or any, for that matter) BJ’s. Reviews online seemed okay, and described it as kid-friendly, so we gave it a shot.
We arrived and JoAnn had some questions about their non-dairy menu, and they said they’d get a manager to come answer her questions. We were seated relatively quickly, but they only had one kid’s menu at the hostess area. They were going to get others and bring to the table. Ok, not a big deal. So we sat, and were almost immediately greeted by the server asking about drinks…but because we’d just sat down, we hadn’t even gotten to look at the menu, so we told her that and asked for a couple minutes. That turned out to be a mistake. We were forgotten about for 10-15 minutes.
But in the meantime, one of the hosts came to ask us for the kid’s menu back–despite Sammy already having drawn on it. That was kinda awkward.
The waitress eventually came back, and we ordered our drinks. And again waited what seemed to nearly be an eternity. For drinks.
The promised manager finally came out, but she had little information about what ingredients of their non-dairy menu had the dairy in it (as a comparison, Red Robin does an awesome job with this–they have a menu that breaks it down into what substitutions can be made to make the meal non-dairy…sometimes it’s the bun, the sauce, the breading, etc). The answers were “this is what corporate puts out, and this is all they tell us”. Frankly, a manager should know a bit more about the food they are serving.
We ordered our food, and again waited WAY too long. And then, to top it off, all of the food (with the exception of the side of rice pilaf we ordered for Maddie) was only lukewarm in temperature and mediocre in quality. By this time, we were hungry enough AND frustrated enough that we just ate it so that we could leave.
I rarely say or write this, but it is a place that we will likely NEVER go to again. Worst part of it was that it wasn’t any one thing that they could improve on, it was that everything (except the price) was only mediocre. There was really nothing that stood out–at least in a positive way.
My advice: avoid it and spend your money elsewhere.