Disney…Are You Kidding Me?! (Part 2)

So after receiving no response to my reply to the email yesterday, I decided to take another route: the Executive Email Carpet Bomb. Used it recently to take on Dell on behalf of a client, and found it extremely effective. So after finding the email addresses for 45 or so executives at Disney, here’s what I wrote:

Dear Disney Executives,

I received this email and replied to it yesterday, but have not received a response. Frankly I find it appalling that a company such as Disney would stoop to spamming in order to promote their films.

The email came without any introduction, no explanation as to why it was being sent to me, and had the audacity to assume that I would promote the movie on my blog for free! I certainly could not travel to DisneyLand (or even to this movie, for that matter) and assume that I could get in for free, so why would a company with the resources that Disney has do such a thing? I find it reprehensible…and insulting. Is this really reflecting Disney’s values?

Let’s see how they respond.