Disney Hates Me

After my previous rant, I thought perhaps that Disney’s marketing department would actually stop their spamming. So naïve of me.

On Friday, I got another from the TWDS.MPM.Digital.Marketing@disney.com email address like previously.
Today? Two more. One from a Dustin Sandoval and another from a Gabrielle Bilicki for two different movies. And like the initial one last week, sending without introduction and making the assumption that I would post for my readers.
It definitely is a marketing department strategy, because all of the emails contain identically-worded parts.
C’mon Disney…are the times really so tough for you that you spam for free publicity? Could be tougher, because these types of tactics will turn some against you and avoid not only the movies, but the theme parks as well. Is it worth it?

Update: both individuals mentioned above actually responded to my reply to their email, apologized, and promised I’d be removed. They also requested their previously-listed email addresses be removed. I’ve now done that, though I’d still like information about why Disney’s marketing department has decided to go this route, how I ended up on the list, and more importantly, how they can so blatantly bypass the requirements of the CAN-SPAM Act. Disney…anyone listening?

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