Lead It Be, Lead It Be…

Lead it be, lead it be…

Whisper words of wisdom, lead it be.

My utmost apologies to The Beatles and their fans.
The previous flooring (and painting) jobs in the house had been put on hold when JoAnn tested for and found lead in some of the previous layers of paint, despite getting negative results in tests many years ago.

After many calls and voicemails to the bevy of possible local, county, state, and federal agencies that deal with lead, lead exposure, and lead abatement programs, JoAnn finally got a hold of someone that had real answers (as opposed to agencies directing to other agencies that in turn directed back to the original…you know, that overabundance of ineffective bureaucracy that we pay way too much for).
During that time of trying to find answers, the kids were tested, and while Mika, Sam’s, and Josh’s results were relatively low, Maddie’s were elevated–enough to cause concern.
The plan now is that next Friday JoAnn and the kids are leaving yet again (staying with friends–thanks so much Chris and Cheri!!). I will don a respirator and isolate rooms to complete the flooring, then do a thorough cleanup, at which point they can come home.
After that, per the agreement with JoAnn, I will be tested for lead (out of pocket, since I do not have insurance).
Then comes other fun of either containing it with encapsulating paint or, if levels are high enough, possible removal by professional abatement.
In the meantime, we just bought an overly-expensive vacuum with HEPA filter that will help with dust and minimize exposure in that way.
In summary: I hate this house. Now with a vengeance.

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