Senator Patty Murray and False Imprisonment

Written by Scott

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I’ve been getting Senator Patty Murray’s email newsletter for a while now because I dared to ask her a question during the healthcare debate. The question was, of course, responded to only with the talking points of the Administration rather than being answered. But I digress.

A couple months ago, I tried to unsubscribe (using the quite convenient Unsubscribe link in the emails), but wasn’t allowed to. Response by email was that I wasn’t a member of any list. So tried again yesterday. Same answer.
So now I sit in the internet equivalent of Gitmo, apparently being held captive as some sort of enemy combatant. I suppose I should be thankful that I wasn’t subject to rendition (that policy of handing over a subject to some foreign government for interrogation and/or imprisonment that Obama said he’d end but has since expanded on).
I suppose she’s a nice lady, personally. But her policies and views expressed in the newsletter are, well, summed up in the most popular word in the newsletter: “I”. It’s not expressing views or ideas, it’s about her. She’s no longer a representative of the state. We are her subjects, and what she believes and does is more important that anything we might possibly think. At least that is my impression.
It’s also why I want out. There’s nothing useful in reading this email, just spin. I frankly can get better content looking through my Spam folder. But instead I am in limbo, being imprisoned in her email list without the rights normally ascribed to an American citizen. (Wait…with the immigration “issue”, can we even use that phrase any longer?)
Can we start a “Free Scott” movement with bumper stickers and T-shirts?

  • I've had similar issues with two other Dem candidates running. One started sending me e-mails just randomly. I have NO idea how he got my e-mail address because I had never even heard of him. It's quite annoying. I even sent an e-mail to his campaign once and they said they'd remove my name. Yeah right. Still getting e-mails.And I do NOT think Patty is a "nice" person. I've seen her in person once ages ago and she was rude and sort of arrogant. Just like you'd expect a politician.

  • I have the same problem with Senator Murray's email — just tried yesterday to unsubscribe and it said I couldn't because I wasn't a member of any list…clever clever…

  • You too are an enemy of the state.

  • Put it in your junk mail folder. You'll never have to see it again.

  • Far too logical, JC. Though it would make sense, since the folks in DC aren't using logic, that we would…

  • Folks have been sued for this. The opt out isn't just supposed to be there for looks.