Two Types of Non-Profits

In the course of the past many years–in particular the past couple as I’ve grown my own business–I’ve determined that there are two types of non-profits. I’m not about to bash non-profits at all…many do an awful lot of great work, but these are my observances…and for the record, two of my biggest and favorite clients are non-profits (and the reason they are favorites is not because they are the bigger clients). That being said, here are the types: those who truly value volunteers and vendors and those who do not.

What do I mean? There have been some that have sought help with technical issues, and I am almost always willing to lend a hand. But some string things way out, far beyond initial requests, as ongoing free support. And frankly that’s not cool. I understand the need to save money in this economy, but if an organization’s computers and networks are critical to them, it should be reflected in not only its budget, but its values.

Thus ends the rant of the day. 😉

PS Written onsite at one of the “good” non-profits.