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28 July 2010

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Two frustrations coming to a head. First, the lead issue with our house and dealing with government agencies and stupidly binding bureaucracy is causing me to begin writing a lovely letter or email to our mayor, councilman, and perhaps the state contact. I may even post it here once sent. The essence is this: programs […]

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Politics: You’re Doing It Wrong

27 July 2010

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This is a topic I’ve been simmering on for quite some time, but here it is in abbreviated form: there is a quite valid reason I am no longer a Democrat (as originally registered) or a Republican. That reason is that regardless of the issue being discussed, the question isn’t about which side to be […]

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How Time Flies…It’s Maddie’s Birthday!

24 July 2010

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One year ago… And just this week… Happy birthday princess…you bring so much joy to our family. We love you!

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Wordless Wednesday

21 July 2010

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Ok, so for those who’ve seen via my new twitter and Facebook avatars, it’s not new. Still doesn’t diminish the awesomeness…

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Dear Ikea, Thanks for the Poison

20 July 2010


[Note, 2017: nearly 7 years after writing this post, it is still the most visited post on my blog…and in recent weeks, Tacoma has ‘discovered’ a slew of lean-tainted water supplies in homes around the area we lived, as well as some schools. So please, do consider testing if you are concerned, and check out […]

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New Wood Flooring Problem

18 July 2010


Maddie’s figured out something about the new wood flooring: things move easier on it. Her new walker? Our 4ft long oak coffee table, pushing it around the living room. A sight to behold, that is.

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Cultural Sensitivity

17 July 2010

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At the Joint Base Lewis-McChord air show today, I’d gone off with Maddie and Sammy to look at the Predator drone and F-22 Stealth fighters. While we were walking, there was an older (want to say in 70’s) Asian man (would say Korean, but was not completely certain) walking toward us, looking at the planes […]

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Handy Dad: 25 Awesome Projects for Dads and Kids

14 July 2010

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Handy Dad: 25 Awesome Projects for Dads and Kids is just that…a book of projects for dads and kiddos to do together. Some great ideas and a great range of ideas….from a great paper airplane (surprisingly is a slight modification of a design I’ve used forever) to woodworking projects such as a bike jump, a half-pipe, and even […]

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What’s the Point?

14 July 2010


Have been thinking about the blog, the design and the intent for a while now, off and on (kinda like my postings), and while I do want to steer it back to more posts about dadhood and the kids, I have a question for all y’all: do posts on other subjects (ahem…politics, etc) add to […]

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Republican Senate Leadership Survey

13 July 2010

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Apparently I’ve been tagged by someone, somewhere as a grassroots activist of sorts…yeah, who’d thought that?–and was sent this survey. Quite interesting, not only because I am no longer a member of the Republican Party, but because of the wording of some of the questions. They are quite obviously concerned about the TEA Party and […]

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