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Two frustrations coming to a head.

First, the lead issue with our house and dealing with government agencies and stupidly binding bureaucracy is causing me to begin writing a lovely letter or email to our mayor, councilman, and perhaps the state contact. I may even post it here once sent. The essence is this: programs that are intended to help people, but instead ensnare and burden those very people isn’t help, it’s bondage. Add to that dealing with a bureaucrat who gives incomplete or changing information and wants decisions made on said incomplete or changing information…well, thus the frustration.  (If it doesn’t make much sense now…it will. Eventually. Trust me…)

The second is personal, but not so personal as to not share. Person I’ve known for 15+ years, who used to be a part of the youth group when I was at LifeCenter, had my company (me) do some work on a laptop last month, then paid by check. No problem. Until the check was returned for being drawn on a closed account. Person refuses to reply to emails, texts, or FB messages, and did not pick up the registered snail mail I sent. I do not want to have to press charges, but am nearing that…because it is a crime. And because I deserve to get paid for the work I did. Worst part is this person portrays themselves (yes, I understand grammatically that’s not right, but am trying to be ambiguous) as a spiritual, happy Christian…but I tend to believe actions like this are symptomatic of larger issues, sometimes much larger issues.

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