I’ll Make You An Offer You Can’t Refuse

Written by Scott

Topics: Reviews

This is a long overdue review of what I think is the best business book I’ve ever read. I’ll Make You an Offer You Can’t Refuse by Michael Franzese (published by Thomas Nelson) is different than other business how-to books in several way: first and foremost, it is written by a former mob boss…that alone should get your attention; secondly, he approaches these business tips from a Scriptural standpoint, and does so in a very unique way, comparing and contrasting mob ways with biblical ways; and lastly, but certainly not least, the book is utterly funny. Each chapter ends with a “Get the Message” section that succinctly sums up the chapter’s principles.

In light of some of the corporate excesses we’ve seen in recent years, business people should take heed of the advice of the book, particularly the contrast between the Machiavellian principles so many business use and the principles of Solomon: honesty, integrity, and hard work. And if business owners fail to take heed, perhaps there is need of a sit-down. You’ll have to read the book to understand that…

Instead of yet another business success book, or as he describes them…

They all say pretty much the same thing, just in different ways. There is a plethora of five or ten or twenty steps in these texts that will guarantee your success in business and help you become a millionaire, own a Mercedes Benz or two, and live in a mansion. They might as well be written by the same author. Up to you to figure out if any of the advice is worth the price tag.

…this book challenges the reader to live a life worthy of success–true success. It’s a great reminder, and whether you are a business owner, somewhere on the rungs of some corporate ladder, or even the CEO of a major company, it has a lot to say to you. Capice?