Politics: You’re Doing It Wrong

Written by Scott

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This is a topic I’ve been simmering on for quite some time, but here it is in abbreviated form: there is a quite valid reason I am no longer a Democrat (as originally registered) or a Republican. That reason is that regardless of the issue being discussed, the question isn’t about which side to be on. That is completely missing the point.

The appropriate question isn’t which side of an issue, but whether or not government should even be involved in the issue. The government that is given the power to allow something, is also given the power to take away.

We’ve granted the government far too much, and it has grown to the point not only of being non-sustainable, but of growing to the point of intentionally bypassing and thwarting the Constitution that was designed to place limits on it for the sake of power and control.  And yes, both parties are at fault, and have been for decades.

The answer is not going to be in yet another cult-of-personality President, or more (or even different!) towing-the-line Senators or Representatives. That’s what got us here. I have my thoughts on what the solutions are, but will be saving for a future post. What I want to know is…what do YOU think the answers are?

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  1. If I told you what I really think, they would throw me in prison, so I'll reserve my comments for now.