Targeted, Part 2

Written by Scott

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A clarification, first. In the post yesterday about the incident, I wrote this:

But, in typical Tacoma Police Department style, they won’t bother to send anyone out.

As it turns out, Tacoma does not do their own dispatching. That “service” is farmed out through LESA, who has their own policies for effectively and efficiently ignoring the needs of citizens. To me, semantics…with the end result the same: no dispatch, no response, no report except for the online combobbled mess of a reporting system that took JoAnn upwards of  hours to fill out (very little instruction, poorly worded questions, overuse of abbreviations, awful layout) whose purpose, really, is for the insurance. And frankly, having been here for over 11 years, it’s what we’ve come to expect from Tacoma. It’s all we’ve ever gotten–except for the couple of times we pressed the issue politically through our City Councilman in the past.

I understand it’s not the officers themselves. I don’t think we’ve ever met any TPD officers we didn’t like. They do a great job when they are allowed to do their job. But they are operating under poor policies and poor, overly political administration.

PS My Vue was unharmed overnight…but then again, it was also not parked on the street. We’ll probably get the estimate of the damage to the van today. I’m so terribly excited about that.

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