Written by Scott

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The title says it all–that’s how I’m currently feeling.

JoAnn just woke me up, saying that someone was breaking windows on her van outside. She’d heard and caught a glimpse of the person, and was on the phone with 911.  Rear hatch window, driver’s window, and windshield.

We haven’t had anything like this happen for years. But why the word targeted, when it could just as easily been random?

Well, firm suspicions…we’ve been gathering information for our Community Liaison Officer for some activity across the street. I’m about 99% sure they are selling drugs of some sort.  And the last email I’d sent him on Thursday was a pic of a buyer, and I mentioned that as the seller was getting the goods out of their vehicle, he was looking right at me (was out on porch with Maddie).

That, and when JoAnn ran out to look, the guy had run across the street and then southbound…coincidentally enough, she saw two people in the rear part of that house (across the street from us).

But, in typical Tacoma Police Department style, they won’t bother to send anyone out. So we’re left with a sleepless night, not knowing if they are coming back to do more to the car, or to my car (I happened to have it parked elsewhere tonight), or to the house. The car has been emptied, just in case…

We certainly can’t afford this right now, but is at least going to be over the deductible this time. Ugh.

Update: the original event happened right at about midnight. At just after 2am, a State Patrolman, who happened to be driving by, stopped when he saw the van. He was parked across the street and shining his side light into it, in case someone was inside. I ran out, taking him a little by surprise, but curiously, one of his first questions to me was–because of what was done and how it was done–was if we had any enemies. All the time I was talking to him I’d been staring across the street, and in a very low voice, said “I’m staring at it” and then explained.  As he left, he did a slow tour of the alleyway of that house, sending his own signal back. Oddly enough, our street is not a highway, so there’s little normal reason why he would have been around here…but appreciated that he was and that he checked into it.

Update #2: As I was typing the above, a Tacoma Police Department car just drove by (no lights or sirens, just drove by). He, on the other hand, did not stop. Contrast and compare.


The back. Slightly worse after opening and closing when emptying it out.
The side

And the windshield. Small metal pipe or crowbar, by the look of that mark.