Where’s the Wisdom in That?

Written by Scott

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So in the continuing saga of the neighborhood and dealing with the dope peddler, an officer had a chat with him the Friday after our van incident, essentially telling dope dude that he [the officer] thought that he [the drug seller] was selling dope, and that he needed to stop or he’d be out.

Sounded pretty bold, I thought. Impressive.

There’s been a drastic decrease in the traffic to the house, but more frequent outcalls. Great, right?

Sure, except for:
1. It put increased suspicion on us for being the ones reporting.
2. We’re told that the owner won’t evict unless they are caught doing something illegal at the house.

So the drug-selling continues, they stay put, and we stay at-risk for more damage to our property or ourselves. Fantastically efficient.

There is an ever-increasing likelihood that WE will be the ones leaving. Fleeing. Becoming refugees of Tacoma. No neighborhood is worth the risk, especially not this one.

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