Fleeing Tacoma

Written by Scott

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It is official: we’re leaving Tacoma. Fleeing. Becoming refugees.

Leaving the house that is trying to poison our little girl, that requires $20k+ of work which only covers the lead, not removes it.

Leaving behind the house that has lost now over $94k in equity. Pretty funny reading the recent headlines about the recession being over. Those academics might want to actually look around.

Leaving the drug dealer across the street and his retribution…the safety of my family is more important to me than winning that fight. Or getting into trouble myself for protecting them and our property.

Leaving behind the too-many-to-count smashed-in windows of cars over the years, stuff stolen, and drunk drivers smashing into our cars.

Leaving behind the Tacoma Police Department which, while having fantastic individual officers, has chosen to become a political organization rather than thoroughly and aggressively enforcing the law.

We’re approved, and will be talking timeline later today as far as when they need what, and when we might be able to start moving some stuff in (military family being stationed elsewhere are in process of packing).

We’re also still desperately in need of help.