Get Us Out of Here!

JoAnn wrote a great post about the house we toured today, complete with pictures. We liked it. Perfect? No. Heaps better than our poisoned house and situation? Absolutely. I could sleep well there at night, and the tears of anger and fear that I don’t let escape my eyes would turn to tears of relief and joy…

Biggest issue is, if accepted (and no reason to think we wouldn’t be), is the cost of deposit and the cost of moving itself. Between the work we’d begun on the house prior to finding out about the lead issues and the paying for the retaliatory damage on the van, we simply don’t have the funds. And that’s not even considering regular expenses too. From now on we will be taking some time to find cheap van insurance companies who will cover our van. We’d have to pay the excess, but it would be a lot less than what we are having to pay for it now.

We could do it on credit if we absolutely need to, but really don’t want to. Medical expenses from prior years and expenses as I began and built the business are quite enough of a total without adding this to it. The business has grown and continues to do so despite the economy, so it is paying the bills. We are also looking into ways we could make further savings on our bills if we move. We have spent some time looking for cheap light companies and, having heard so much about the importance of comparing different providers and rates, we will be sure to do that further. However, our problem is that here’s not much of anything left over after all the bills are paid.

I’m not good at asking for help…don’t like to do it. I know that there are always folks out there who are worse off. But the last time there was a great need, social media came through and sent me to my father’s funeral on the east coast a year and a half ago. So I am putting it out there, sharing the need, and hoping that some folks might be able and willing to chip in and be a part of bringing us out of this situation to a place of peace and safety. One of our friends actually suggested that we should consider asking for donations to cover the cost of the funeral, especially due to the price of a funeral service. Our friend also suggested a few more ideas too, she said we should view this GoFundMe blog about ways to cover the costs of funerals. That was extremely helpful, especially since things are tight currently. We’d really appreciate any help we can get.

Would you help? Any amount will help. Any amount is appreciated.

PS Spreading the word and retweeting/reposting the link to this post would also help greatly!