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The Things You Find at 3am…

20 October 2010

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Subtitle: A petition to Mayor McGinn in Seattle?! At the beginning of the month, I blogged about the misuse/abuse of power in Seattle that led to the firing of the prominent area blogger Sable Verity.  Well, turns out someone created a petition…which I think y’all should look at and sign. To my more right-leaning friends, […]

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19 October 2010

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One of the lessons learned since going out on my own with the business is that of God’s provision. I cannot keep count of the times, for example, when I’m halfway through the month and staring at estimates of 50% of what we need. And yet God provided. There have been tough months, but He […]

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Sometimes It’s Not Glamorous

13 October 2010

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My work, that is. The IT stuff. Truth be told, it rarely if ever is glamorous, especially if I’m doing it right…because I’m behind the scenes working my magic. But I have challenge on occasion, and this next one’s coming up on Friday. I have a meeting with a new potential client. And this would […]

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First Citizens Bank: Customer Service Soup Nazi

7 October 2010

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For those that don’t get the reference in the title, it’s from an episode of Seinfeld (click link for full explanation). First Citizens Bank apparently requires you to obey the rules and not ask questions. After the last series of contacts with customer support, questioning the charges and requesting an accounting of them, they’ve basically just […]

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Seattle Politics: The New Chicago

5 October 2010

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I normally cover only Tacoma issues, and lately I’ve been wrapped up with our personal situation and this neighborhood to write much of anything…but I am compelled to write this post because of the level of disgust I feel toward Seattle’s mayor’s office. The situation is this: Sakara Remmu, who blogs under the name Sable […]

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First Citizens Bank: What’s the Problem?

1 October 2010


Apparently First Citizens is not used to the questioning of their policies. As happened last month, I noticed another charge on my business account today, labeled in the details only as “miscellaneous” and inquired about it. Actually, I did more than inquire. I wrote Lists only as “miscellaneous” fee–can I get a better description? If […]

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