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One of the lessons learned since going out on my own with the business is that of God’s provision. I cannot keep count of the times, for example, when I’m halfway through the month and staring at estimates of 50% of what we need. And yet God provided. There have been tough months, but He has provided. Fortunately, those times are fewer and fewer as the business grows. Unfortunately, it’s one of those lessons we all seem to learn over and over again. I’m certainly no exception there.

Case in point: the move. Moving is costly and money is tight. When I put out the call for help, it raised $45. Let me be clear…I’m utterly grateful for the folks that helped. It’s a humbling experience to even ask for help, let alone receive. But let’s just say that moving expenses, utility deposits, and other setup fees are a bit higher than that.

Out of the blue, I get a call from a sorta-client (to explain: they had a primary support company that I’d done some subcontracting for in the past, but that company closed up shop, and in the meantime, they had gone to another company). The support they were getting was, shall we say, sub-par–and worst part is that it is during a major server migration. They ask me to complete it, which I’ll be doing this weekend.

Not ideal, time-wise, with packing and all that…but the project brings upwards of about 12 or so hours of billable time, which will help dramatically with the expenses.

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