Sometimes It’s Not Glamorous

Written by Scott

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My work, that is. The IT stuff. Truth be told, it rarely if ever is glamorous, especially if I’m doing it right…because I’m behind the scenes working my magic.

But I have challenge on occasion, and this next one’s coming up on Friday. I have a meeting with a new potential client. And this would be a huge one financially. Administration is looking at outsourcing their IT, and from the documentation and information I’ve received, I can see why. The network is a mess, and to further the mess, there is an internal assessment that was requested of their current IT (two people) that’s like reading educated gibberish…15 pages that says almost nothing. And I thought only Microsoft’s marketing department could do that.  My job for Friday’s meeting is, essentially, to go through it and rip it apart.

That’s the easy part. For starters, there is absolutely nothing defined. Terms like “enterprise level network” are thrown around without any reference, and assessment of the current servers and services are completely devoid of not anything quantitative. At all. How do you address a request of 99.9% uptime overall without numbers?!

Like I said, that’s the easy part. The hard and not-so-glamorous part: if I do my job well, I put two people out of work.

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