Me & Three: Day One

Written by Scott

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JoAnn is off on a retreat through later on Sunday, so I’m manning the fort with the oldest three kiddos. This is my update.

Day One: all kids accounted for from what was a good day. Two of the three did wake up in the middle of the night…Mika was sleepwalking and out of it, Joshie was sobbing about wanting a kiss from mommy (likely woke up from a bad dream, but my kiss was sufficient).  Got them going with their breakfasts and then chores, then moved the bigs onto their schoolwork, which they did without any fighting, dragging of feet, or complaining. This was a good beginning. Since it was Friday, there were some work calls I had to take, but we worked through that easy enough.

We then broke for lunch…and since we needed to go to Costco for dog food, I took the easy route and we had a cheap lunch there. We also found something for dinner that turned out to be absolutely delicious: spinach ravioli. ALL three of them loved it, and all I did was cook, drizzle some melted butter on it, and when plated, sprinkled a little shredded Parmesan on it!

Came back from Costco, got Joshie down for a nap with very little trouble, Sammy finished up his science work, and Mika spent some time on her computer.

Was also sparring class in the evening, and traffic turned out to be awful….and Joshie, in the midst of the traffic on I-5, decided he had to go potty. Found my way to a fairly random exit, to a fairly random Taco Bell near said exit, and swooped in. Success.

We’ve discovered a new show on Netflix streaming called Life After People, which portrays how certain areas/cities would change if people suddenly disappeared. Strangely fascinating.

And did I mention all of the kiddos are accounted for?