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JoAnn is off on a retreat through later on Sunday, so I’m manning the fort with the oldest three kiddos. This is my update.

Saturday was a bit of a blur…morning interrupted by taekwondo, so we had gotten up, did chores, ate breakfast, and then went to class, essentially. Came home, at lunch, Joshie had his nap.

Did some cleaning, prepped for dinner, and just spent some time together in the afternoon. Did a quick trip to the store for some more veggies to roast with dinner, where Mika also discovered Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream…and thus we had to try.

Dinner turned out good, but I only did so-so on the roasted veggies–carrots needed a bit more time and the little  bit of asparagus was way overcooked. Ah, well, but worth a shot. And the ice cream was… interesting. The kids liked it, and I thought it was ok.

It was a good day. Still haven’t lost any kids…but we sure did start missing our little Maddie, despite all the quietness.

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