One Year

Written by Scott

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One year.

It’s been one year since the horrific shootings that took the lives of Sergeant Mark Renninger, Officer Ronald Owens, Officer Tina Griswold, and Officer Greg Richards at the Forza off Steele St.

As much as I’ve thought about it and have wanted to write this post, words still cannot describe the loss we experienced and the anger, the frustration, and the outrage in the days that followed, as well as the outpouring of support for police and their families.

Personally, it was an experience I will never forget. I was one of the first locals tweeting about the incident, the aftermath, and the search. I was so riveted to the developments that I basically stopped working for the first two days. I couldn’t pull myself away, nor did I want to.

One year. It’s hard to believe it’s only been a year…still feels like it just happened.

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  1. Suswan says:

    Today I attended the dedication of the memorial for the four officers at the Steele Street Forza.When Sheriff Paul Pastor spoke he said, "…this was not a tragedy, it was an act of evil." But today the location of that act of evil is open and supported by law enforcement and the community. Being there today helped me feel like I got back something that was taken from me one year ago.

  2. Crystal says:

    I remember that morning and the days that followed vividly. On top of being a senseless act of violence, it felt like someone was declaring war on our society by targeting those who keep us safe – especially after the killing of the SPD officer shortly before on Halloween. It was infuriating, confusing, unnerving, and profoundly sad. But the sense of community and support that arose in the aftermath was uplifting.I have always appreciated the police and the bravery and helpfulness that the majority of them exhibit. In the past year, I definitely do take more time to smile and wave and tell them thank you. I also think about their personal lives and the sacrifices that they all make on our behalf. The murders of those officers changed me, or my awareness, in a way that I still can't fully articulate. I just know I have an enhanced appreciation for the fact that our police officers are real people, with real lives, and real families worrying about them at home, doing a hard, thankless and life-threatening job. And I just want them and their families to know that I recognize that and sincerely appreciate it.