All I Want for Christmas…

Written by Scott

Topics: Family

…is something that I can’t have, at least right now.  Allow me a minute to explain the trigger.

One of our family Christmas readings this year is this book, What Child is This?:

(If you’ve never read, you need to….it’s well worth it…plus it’ll help you understand this post a bit more).

The book, as you probably figured out, has something to do with Christmas. In this case, the intertwined stories of several young people, including two that are foster kids. I won’t give away the ending, partly because it’s been a few years since we’ve read it and I don’t exactly remember the details, but partly because you do need to still read it.

Anyway, back to my point. And eventually this post. This book hits me hard because I spent some time in the foster care system growing up. So I can relate to many parts of the book. Too many.

So what do I want for Christmas that I can’t have right now? Simple, yet immense: for us to have the room and income to foster and adopt. There are far too many children without a stable, loving family.

But with the business still in start-up mode–yet growing–and having moved recently and the effect it will have on our credit, this is a dream deferred…

  • We tried to adopt. Funny you bring this up. I was just cringing back at the memory of our adoption attempt today. I was saying to God and myself "God, why did you even bring me down that path?" It's a long story but basically because we spank our children, the social worked made us out to be abusive jerks. I couldn't handle the accusations, the stress, plus with homeschooling they just looked at us like a huge red flag. I am still super sad about it but realized it was a door closed for some reason. I don't know if I'll ever be able to walk that road again…even others who are adopting, I just feel cynical about it. The system to adopt or do foster care is a bad one. They just want money. It's like the most horrific people become foster parents (not all, but a lot of them) and the people that do want to adopt/foster care children are looked down on. We lost $700 on a dossier that was never filed. I just feel like the gov't sees this whole thing as a way to make money. It's sad. that's my two cents. Wish it wasn't so hard, although many people adopt with not so many scars to prove it.

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