One Side Benefit of Homeschooling

Written by Scott

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One of the many side benefits of homeschooling is the decrease in negative peer pressure.  For those that would make the same old, lame old argument about socialization, I addressed this (and others) long ago.

But back to my point. One of the many ways negative peer pressure is applied to kids is in regard to clothing: it has to be the right brand, the right look, the right combinations, etc or you’re not “cool”…you are excluded, an outcast. And frankly, that’s one part of American “socialization” that we can do without, thanks.

What we’ve seen in our own kids is that they’ve never had an issue with brands or even with hand-me-downs. As a matter of fact, Joshie, who is 3, absolutely LOVES getting and wearing Sammy’s old clothes.

Although…at the rate he’s growing, he might catch up to Sammy in a couple days! 😉