The Best Soup Ever…

Written by Scott

Topics: Food

It’s actually a crockpot recipe, but we cook it on the stove. And it is amazing.

Black Eyed Pea Soup (Click there to view the recipe–she deserves the credit!)

The main change is this…in place of the suggested sausage, we found from trial and error that using Hillshire Farms Hot & Spicy Italian Style Smoked Sausage makes the dish. The sausage flavors it wonderfully and adds a little spicy kick, but not too bad (our kiddos still eat it, though may be too spicy for some).  Also sometimes–like tonight–we vary the amounts of veggies (I did more carrots and more garlic tonight than normal and omitted the celery since we were out).

It’s a simple but amazing recipe…you must try.