The Big Christmas Lie

Written by Scott

Topics: archives, Faith

No, it’s not the whole Santa thing…dig deeper.  Take a moment and look back on that first Christmas.

Shepherds watching their sheep, like any other night…and all of a sudden a host of angels announces the birth of the long-awaited Messiah.

Magi from a far-away land travel through the area, following a star, of all things.

King Herod, fearing threats to his power, orders the infanticide of all boys under the age of two in the area.

And then there’s the whole birth itself, in a stable, surrounded by animals, during the time thousands were traveling to the towns of their fathers for the census and to pay taxes to Rome.

The Big Lie is this: the first Christmas was anything but a silent night. It was noisy. It was disruptive.

So when your Christmas plans seem to go awry, and it’s not what you expect…don’t worry about it. Embrace the disruption. It’s more realistic. Better yet, live the disruption…not in the bad sense, but in blessing others. It’ll make for a better Christmas.