GM Responds….Kind of.

Written by Scott

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GM Customer Service

So this morning, at 8:15, I received a call, but because it was some 866 number that I didn’t recognize, I let it go to voicemail.

Turns out it was someone from GM calling about my Saturn concern. Called back, and turns out that the Customer Relations Specialist is only available from 8-11 EST.  And yet the call came at 11:15 her time. So left a voicemail.

Regardless, it’s almost the epitome of  irony for “Customer Relations” to only be available for a very small timeframe. Must be a union job. And oddly enough, not exactly helping their situation…

Thinking about posting the voicemail she left, because she sounded–truthfully and oddly–robotic. Perhaps that’s how they are cutting costs to avoid wasting our taxpayer bailout money. And maybe it’s at 11am that she has to recharge…which also adds to the Chevy Volt concerns.[Sometimes I crack myself up.]

Will post again tomorrow when she returns my call…probably at 5am. Or after she’s done for the day….the long, grueling, 3 hours.

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