My Social Media Strategy to Conquer the World

Written by Scott

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social media strategy to conquer the world

I love social media. I really do.

What I don’t like and get plenty of laughs about are the sheer number of consultants and companies that claim to be able to chart your course through social media so that you/your brand/your company can conquer the world.  And charge you plenty for it.

Now I don’t mean to upset readers. I’m sure some are legit. But just like twitter has an overwhelming number of “experts” with few followers, I think a good number of them are simply opportunists. And that’s not always a bad thing, but at least let’s be honest.

Here’s my strategy, as flawed as it is:
1. LinkedIn: I only use for professional-level social media, and not very often at that. It’s fairly static. (Ok, so I link to my personal blog on my LinkedIn profile. And twitter. But those are the only personal-level items)
2. Facebook: I use for personal, though like LinkedIn, I slightly cross-contaminate. The business has a FB page, but that too is fairly static. And I often cross-post twitter updates to FB.
3. Twitter: here’s where it all comes together. Twitter is all things personal and professional, and sometimes too much of both.

Results? Well, I know for certainty that I’ve gained a good client directly from twitter, as well as some additional work. Have I lost any because of social media? None that I am aware of, and doubt that I would–I tend to be the same online as I am offline. Yeah, that’s a key right there, free of charge.

Use social media. Use it well. But most importantly, be yourself. Be real..the world has enough fakes.

Now go. Go conquer the world…but for good.

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  1. Michelle says:

    ha ha, agreed!

  2. Nice post! Doing social media for Kaseya, we see lots of engagement within LinkedIn when we are purposeful to do something there. We get eyeballs/impressions on FB but not as much engagement. Twitter is still to the most conversational though.