Month: January 2011

That Was an Oil Change?

Took JoAnn’s van to get the oil changed this afternoon. Normally, this is not the highlight of a day. And while it wasn’t necessarily the highlight of today either, it was actually a pleasant surprise. Almost enjoyable, even. Took it to the Oil Can Henry’s just down the road in Lacey (Hawks Prairie). Had never…

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Target, Babies, and a Giveaway!

Target has launched a new way to share baby announcements. The Big Baby Billboard announcement can be created on Target’s Facebook launch page for the announcements at and can be shared via Facebook, Twitter and e-mail. Between now and January 5th, Target will randomly select birth announcements for display in New York City’s Times…

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Joshie and Chris Tomlin

Last week I was impressed when driving with the family and Joshie was singing along with the song “Light of the World” by Chris Tomlin. He rarely sings. The chorus is: Light of the World Light of the World Light of the World You shine upon us (Here’s a link to a YouTube of the real…

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