That Was an Oil Change?

Written by Scott

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Took JoAnn’s van to get the oil changed this afternoon. Normally, this is not the highlight of a day. And while it wasn’t necessarily the highlight of today either, it was actually a pleasant surprise. Almost enjoyable, even.

Took it to the Oil Can Henry’s just down the road in Lacey (Hawks Prairie). Had never been to one and was curious. So did.

It was different. Very different. First of all, you get to stay in your car. No leaving to a cramped, old waiting room with coffee that’s been on for 17 hours.  You are greeted as you pull up and offered a newspaper and a service guide (which tells about all their services) while you wait for your turn in the bay.  Once in, you get to interact with the technician as you test the lights and then see the results of the oil level check, the condition of the other fluids, the condition of the air filter, etc.  Surprisingly upfront and honest in and of itself. But then compare it to years of service at various large national chains, and it was a major breath of fresh air.

Add in competent, friendly, fast-working staff, including some of the female variety (my technician was the wife of a local soldier) and you’ve got something different in a very good way.

If there’s one in your area, you need to visit! (Can search for locations on their site).

There’s only one thing I’d change…their policy for coupons apparently is that they have to be printed. JoAnn had printed one, but I’d forgotten it…but had on my phone. I hate printing things when so much of our world now is electronic and digital.  And while I’m not at tree-hugging levels, but I prefer not to print when technology gives the ability not to have to…

**This review was spontaneous…not paid in any way, shape, or form. Nor was it requested. But the service rocked.**

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  1. Scott McHugh says:

    Hi my name is Scott McHugh, I saw your posting through an Oil Can Henry's Tweet. I have an app called Oil Change for the iPhone and soon Android. My app post prices and coupons from shops that do oil changes. OCH's has listed themselves on the Oil Change app and you can find their locations and contact them on the app but like you said they do not post coupons. I don't know if you have an iPhone or Android phone but if you do, check out my app and ask OCH's to post their coupons on the app so you don't have to cut and take the coupon in. You can just show them your phone. The Marketing contact at Oil Can Henry's is Devin a very nice guy and cares about the customer opinions and needs and our purpose is to help make the customer experience better. I would like to ask for feedback on the app too. Thanks Scott

  2. Michelle says:

    We have an Oil Can Henry's here too. It's not super close, but I always wondered what the big deal was. Now I know! Oil changes fun? Wow. Glad it went well. and yeah, I hate paper. My house recycles a tree a week, I swear.