Yep, I’m Only Human

Written by Scott

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Yesterday was one of those days. I don’t have many days like it, and far fewer still where a member of a client’s staff gets to me, but yesterday it happened. It’s very rare–I’m known as being cool, calm, collected, and focused on solving the issue(s) at hand.

But this staff member injected far too much drama into the day. Unnecessary and misdirected drama. And it got me a little frustrated.

But a deep breath or two hundred, I took care of the issue that really wasn’t.

Unfortunately, my main contact at the organization is leaving, and this client is a considerable distance, and is a discounted non-profit…so I have to evaluate whether it frankly is worth it to keep this client. That decision will wait until after payment is received for this project.

The joys of self-employment. Despite this and all the other hassles, it’s worth it.

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