My Little Boy Is Four Today!

Written by Scott

Topics: Family

Though we had the birthday party Saturday, today is Joshie’s birthday!

Joshie at 4

He’s an amazing little boy…so fully of energy (and often volume to accompany), with a smile that can brighten any day. He is, and this is no hyperbole, 100% boy. He was our first real climber, a skill passed on to his little sister, either by genetics or observation. And yet, he is one of the sweetest little boys ever.

But I can’t help but think back to almost 4 years ago, when he was just a couple weeks old.

It was the longest week of my life, full of pain, full of fear of losing him…and finally, of hope.

Joshie, you have no idea how special and truly wonderful you are, but as you grow, I pray that I remember to remind you often. You are truly a joy to me, and Daddy loves you very much…Happy Birthday little boy!