Relying on God…

Written by Scott

Topics: Faith

rely on God
We talk about it. We pray about it. But how much do we really rely on God?

No, this isn’t one of those condemning types of posts. We’re just talking, you and I.

This post idea was one milling around in my head for the past few days, energized by what we read last night in Under the Overpass.

Here’s the excerpt:

“When I wake up in the mornings I say ‘Thy will be done’ in prayer, and though I mean it to a point, my daytimer is already full. Barring something strange, I know where breakfast, lunch, and dinner are coming from. I know who I’m meeting with. where we’re going, and what we’ll be talking about. There’s not much uncertainty in any part of my day. But out here…” I said, pausing to look around, “out here, ‘Thy will be done’ might mean we don’t eat, or we don’t get jumped, or we get sick, or whatever.”

“Yeah, sort of different, huh,” Sam said. “It’s like trust means something different when you don’t feel in control.”

Did you catch that?…trust means something different when you don’t feel in control.

How much of your day is in your control?

For me, this trusting journey has taking on a new meaning over the pass 2 years and 3 months since I went full-time in my business. I did it as the economy was just beginning the serious tanking. There have been months where work has been slow for whatever reason–God has provided. The month we moved, I had to come up with moving expenses and deposit, which we didn’t have. And within a couple weeks of needing those funds, was contacted my a Christian company to finish some work that their then-technician was being non-responsive about completing. Time after time He has provided.

Has it been stressful? Heck yes!

Has it been difficult? Unbelievably, since I am the sole provider for the family and it’s all on my shoulders.

Has it been worth it? Absolutely.

But am I done? No. Not even close.  But I rely on Him more and more…