Why Schools Fail: An Illustration

Written by Scott

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critical thinking

No, I am not going to give a list, or even my opinions as to why schools fail. I’m going to use an illustration…

There’s an elementary school near us that has a reader board, and one of the main things that flashes across it is this:

All Children are Capable of Success! (then next screen)
No Exceptions!!!!

It’s one of these platitudinous statements that sounds good, but means absolutely nothing. Let’s analyze…without even concerning ourselves with the overuse of capitalization:

All children are capable of success. Of course, this depends on how you define success. Do all have the potential? Absolutely. But discussing potential is meaningless. May as well state that all children are capable of flying at 2100mph, because with enough force applied, they certainly could. Some children try harder than others. Some are more curious than others and want to learn. Some have parents that are supportive, while others do not. Some children are, frankly, more intelligent than others. Some children are stifled in traditional classes that have to accommodate for the abilities of the range of children, and in doing so, tend toward mediocrity than excelling, so that the bulk of students pass.  In other words, success, in public school forms, comes by lowering the bar to get the greatest number of students to “success”.

Then there’s the second statement: No Exceptions!!!! Aside from sounding almost militant, it’s highly ironic.

Here’s the irony: a school that is supposed to be educating students, apparently does not know what the word ‘ALL’ means in the previous statement. All is completely inclusive. There is no qualification for the word all–it either is or it isn’t. So following a meaningless but nice-sounding statement is a completely useless and redundant statement.

And to think some administration unionized official got paid quite nicely to contribute that gibberish…and probably got major accolades.

Now go succeed and live up to your potential!