Nothing Prepares You…

Written by Scott

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Nothing prepares you

At a client’s when the call comes in. It’s from home, known before looking at the phone for the funny ringtone (Warning…Warning…It’s the Wife…). Expecting the usual “when will you be home?” question or something like it, I answer and immediately know something is wrong by the tone of her voice.

Maddie is missing.

The world stops. Truly, nothing prepares you for words like that. Your mind immediately goes into all the possible scenarios and outcomes…

I struggle to respond, especially being at a client’s office. And actually, I don’t recall how I responded now. But was wrapping up with the client, so said I’d finish the last part later in the day, and left. And headed home.

Instinctively, I sent out an update on Twitter and Facebook for prayers regarding the situation. There’s little else I could do, since I was 20 minutes or so away. Adding to fear wouldn’t help me–or her…but adding to faith could.

And people responded in a big way. I called back home while driving, and about halfway there, she’d been found. And was safe.


She had escaped out the front door and decided to follow one of the paths I take her on when we walk–down the cul de sac, take a left, go to the next street, turn left and go up the hill. Had she gone any other direction, things could have been very bad (straight is a gully, very steep, and to the right her favorite area is a pond). She’d made it a good part of the way up the hill when a neighbor saw her, scooped her up, brought her inside, and called police…who in turn called JoAnn as she was searching and then met her there, I believe.

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