I Have Boy Parts!

Written by Scott

Topics: Family, Food

I’ve found myself on some sort of Disney marketing list of bloggers, which in and of itself would not be such a bad thing at all.

But the list is one that apparently is used to cater to Mommy Bloggers. Also, not a bad thing in and of itself.

However, as a reply to two different emails the past couple of days (condensed form), I am NOT a Mommy Blogger. While I am a blogger, I am genetically predisposed to not being a mommy. In short, the issue is that I have boy parts.  (That phrase I have thus far NOT actually sent in direct reply to any of the Disney emails….however, it was used in response to a response from a person at Disney, which I’ll cover in a bit).

Wait…that doesn’t sound right. It’s not an issue that I have boy parts, but having boy parts precludes me from being a mommy, which in turn precludes me from being a mommy blogger. So I’ve dared them to run such an event for Father’s Day, at which point I will gladly respond.

As for the one response so far, the Disney person wrote, in part, “You just made me bust a gut!” [with that response]. I then followed up with the explanation that the initial draft of the response included the phrase in the title of this post.

Maybe Disney really is the happiest place on Earth, but getting my emails makes it even happier. I’d venture to guess that if Disney ever got a Daddy Blogger event going like they’ve recently done with Mommy Bloggers, and invited brought me down (ok…ok…me AND the family) it’d be even more happy. Guaranteed.