Tacoma Folks, Pay Attention!

Written by Scott

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Yes, that’s my 30-second Venn diagram representing three things I like.  Which, for the bottom right circle, is kinda redundant. Get over it.

But what does it represent, in this case?

Someone I “met” via twitter and wanted to give a shout-out to, because, as the Impressive Venn Diagram™ shows quite clearly, I like local small businesses, and like people who use social media well (meaning, for engaging people rather than unending self-promotion) and who have the likability factor.

She is Eboni Allen, owner of Sugar Plum Daycare in the north part of Tacoma. The daycare even has a pretty cool website. And if I was a bettin’ man, I’d bet she even knows how to use the turns lanes in downtown Tacoma, unlike what seems the vast majority of drivers.

So if you are in the north Tacoma area and need good quality daycare, get in touch with her!


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