Follow-up on The Shack

Written by Scott

Topics: Archives, Faith

A few folks responded to the original post either here or elsewhere, people that I know and respect. And they had valid questions and concerns. This I like and can handle because it opens up those issues and the book to discussion, unlike Driscoll’s methods.

Speaking of which, found a fantastic summary of those methods in the comments to a post about Driscoll vs The Shack:

I’ve observed Mark’s tactics often enough to recognize the pattern.

1. Describe the problem in technical theological terms to give intellectual weight to your position. (pride)
2. Declare the opposing view sin in order to scare people from considering its validity. (fear)
3. Label those who follow the other belief heretics. (shame)
4. Thus appointing yourself as the authority and guardian of truth. (control)

These methods, of course, just like his “message” about the book, do the exact opposite: it cuts off discussion and solidifies himself as the true authority.

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