My Cracked Windshield…

Written by Scott

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I’m at another pause in reading The Shack. Granted, this one will be far shorter-lived, and far less painful, but a pause nonetheless. And once I am done, I fully intend to blog about it and about the criticisms leveled at it, especially by certain people who have either not read it, or are being intentionally disingenuous and/or spiritually deceiving about the book. I’m lookin’ at you, Mark Driscoll.

But this post is really about the windshield of my Vue. Over the past couple of months, I’ve had all kinds of rocks and other debris thrown up at me while driving. After years of having no visible scars, it’s been like an inundation of dings on the windshield, one of which spread almsot instantly and now has gone almsot all the way across the bottom portion of the windshield. But, counted alongside that, are now 4 or 5 other dings.

It’s a lot like life, isn’t it? We can go for years without major issues (or without thinking about them), then get hit with all kinds of hurts, some seen, and many unseen.

Looking out this windshield as I read The Shack (ok, not literally at the same time…that’d be very bad), I realize more than ever this one thing: the windshield is me. I am broken, cracked, dinged up from hurts and pains of life. Some of them I’ve blogged about, some I’ve only alluded to, and some I’ve never mentioned, but all of them have left their marks…

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  1. socalmal says:

    I read it. Found it to be Biblically unsound, misleading to a fault. I understand forgiveness, I understand and believe in miracles but I would not recommend this book to anyone.