Tmobile: Shakin’ My Head…

Written by Scott

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Last week, I finally called Tmobile support. My Samsung Vibrant’s microUSB charging/data port had been seeming loose for some time–finicky and inconsistent connection on both AC and car charger. Would often not get charged because the connection wasn’t just right. The agent had a great idea that I supported: send out an AC charger first to see if it was a phone or not.

Got the package today, and was confused, since it was smaller than what a charger would have fit into. Turns out that despite having the correct part number referenced on the label, I’d been sent a battery instead. (Still haven’t checked if it is the battery to the Vibrant… Not only was it not remotely the right part shipped, but definitely is not the battery for the Vibrant–it’s for the cheesy T-Mobile Tap.)

So I hopped onto the Tmobile site and finally connected with an agent in a chat session. Explained the situation. Order shows that it was indeed supposed to be a charger that was sent. So she begins the order for the item I actually need. Then comes the confusion: she asks me to ok the shipping charges. Um…no. I explained that the first order was done under warranty for troubleshooting, and that the agent, because I have the phone under a premium replacement plan, waived the shipping charge.

But…it was a no-go. Says she can’t.

So I reply that I suppose we’ll have to replace the phone, then. That order, with free shipping, was placed. And the battery that was incorrectly sent to me? No mention of it at all.

Tmobile, does the phrase “cost containment” have any meaning to you, or did that go out the window with the merger?


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  1. Michelle says:

    We have t-mobile too. Why are cell phone providers such sheisters?