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Written by Scott

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Maddie in Mary Bridge Hospital

Maddie is in Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital tonight, and will be there at least overnight.

For those not up to speed, she has been fighting a virus for about a week now. Joshie had it before her, and he was done in about 24 hours. But Maddie was struggling, getting it, in hopes of not being too TMI, from both ends. And because of that, was getting dehydrated. Very dehydrated.

Sunday she was taken into ER at Mary Bridge, and after 800ml of IV fluid, a bit of glucose, and some anti-nausea meds, she was sent home, expected to snap out of it within a day or so.

Problem was that because of the previous vomiting (and some since coming home), she didn’t want to deal much with food. And not much more with liquid, with the exception of some water and nursing, mainly. And while she would have times of definitely being better, they were short-lived and not increasing much in frequency.

So she was taken in today for a follow-up with our pediatrician, who wanted her to be taken back to Mary Bridge to be re-tested. And the results were that while she seemed (especially today) to be acting and feeling better, her bloodwork, compared to Sunday’s, showed no real improvement. So she was admitted at least overnight to give more fluids and for monitoring.

So we’ll see tomorrow…

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  1. Oh no! I hope she gets better soon! Praying for you guys.

    (also, I think a Cylon would be smart enough to click the checkbox before submitting their comment. ;))

  2. helene says:

    Praying your pumpkin feeling better and home tomorrow! 🙂