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Best Buy

It. Is. Finished. The saga is officially over.

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So the last update ended with me emailing the contact at the Executive Resolution Team, asking for clarification on the policy that the general manager had attempted to use when I went to return the laptop.

I didn’t exactly get the response I hoped for, but it suffices:

I am glad that the laptop has been returned, and I again apologize for the frustrating experience that you had. I wish that the store had been more flexible when you first brought the computer back, given the circumstances. Had there not been the issue of the computer being defective, the store would have been following policy in denying the return but it sounds like the store not only ignored the larger picture here, but also poorly explained the policy. One type of item that is prohibited from returns are items that are “Etched or otherwise personalized items” …for example, my understanding is that you (understandably) installed a different operating system and then wiped the drive, which could make the unit difficult to be restored to the original state.

But like I said, I agree with you that since the unit was defective, you should have been promptly assisted the first time.

Please accept a $50 Best Buy gift card as our invitation to shop with us again for a better experience. This will arrive to your PO Box address that you cited at the bottom of your original email within approximately 2-3 weeks.

Thank you again for bringing your situation to our attention, and for being our customer. If I may be of assistance in the future, I hope you will let me know.

While his example policy is equally weak as the general manager’s (or perhaps even weaker), the bottom line I agree with: it should have been returned without incident.

And now that the laptop has been returned, and my question on the policy answered, we shall now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

If I knew what that was, that is…


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