Best Buy Update, Almost Final Edition…

Written by Scott

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Best Buy

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The first, and major, battle of the war has been won. The laptop was returned without further incident.

However…that’s not quite the end.

I’ve now asked the contact on the Executive Resolution Team for clarification on the policy the general manager tried to claim in refusing the return.

From this standpoint, I only see two choices: either she was, in fact, wrong…or they just did the return to placate me.  The former is what I believe is the case, while the latter would not make me terribly happy.

In the meantime, my Lenovo arrived…and it is awesome. There is nothing like a Thinkpad keyboard…and this model has some awesome power management capabilities…been using on and off all day, and with my extended battery, still showing hours and hours of remaining battery life (48%, 5:09). 😉

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  1. The Chad says:

    Lenovo's are pretty awesome…I love mine!