Best Buy Update, Friday Edition…

Written by Scott

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Best Buy

To catch folks up to date: Update 1 || Update 2

I hadn’t heard back after yesterday’s response from a member of the Executive Resolution Team, the long holiday weekend coming, and with the window for my return of the laptop coming up quickly (Sunday), I emailed back.

Will I be hearing back from the Team before the long weekend? My 14-day return window ends Sunday…

Within a couple hours, I heard back.

Hello Mr. Kuhn,

The 14-day window will not be a factor, as you brought your experience to our attention within that time. You will most likely be hearing from local management in the upcoming few days, but I will touch base with you again myself next week as well.

I hope that you have a good 4th of July weekend, and we will be in touch!

So…interesting. Because of the incident, the return window is no longer an issue. And local management will be in contact soon. Sounds like fun. Also sounds like a WIN.

On a related note, I only have to wait until Wednesday for the new Lenovo to arrive.  It’s making its way through customs in Hong Kong right now…

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