Best Buy Update, Saturday Edition

Written by Scott

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Geek Squad

Got a call while at the new Transformers movie this afternoon with Sammy. And even *I* did not answer the call.  Mainly because I didn’t recognize the number.

It must have been someone in local management as I was told about by the Executive Resolution Team. Anyway, was told the plan would be for them to do a restore on it and run diagnostics on it so that it could be returned.

So I took it in, expecting it to be a quick thing. Funny, that.

It’s now been checked in with Geek Squad, and they are creating a set of restore discs from another system, then doing a restore and some sort of diagnostics, in order to return the laptop. With it being Geek Squad, well, there’s a ton of ways I can foresee this going horribly wrong, but…at least we’ve made progress, right?

Geek Squad to the rescue. That sounds so…wrong.


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  1. The Chad says:

    Scott, I pulled a tour of duty with the Geek Squad and at the time, there were competent techs.

    Now, not so much. Hopefully, at least of of those guys knows what he's going.