Dear Comcast…

Written by Scott

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This afternoon, my internet went down.

Well, actually that’s what we assumed. See, we’d all left the house (which also houses my business with my Business Class internet, and I got a call from my wife when she returned.

Got home, power cycled the modem a few times without change. So called up my Business Class support.

After some troubleshooting, service call was processed, and a short time later, I got a call from the tech that he was on the way.

The tech arrives, he tests the coax…and there’s no signal. At all.

Then goes to the junction box for the cul-de-sac…and instantly sees the issue.

As he goes to the van for tools, he uses his push-to-talk to contact what sounded like another tech. Another tech, that by the sound of it, had been there earlier in the day.

To process a workorder.

To process a disconnect workorder. For the previous occupants.

That was put in the system in JANUARY.

And disconnected us, who had connected the new service at the end of October.

All because someone didn’t bother to cross-check names and addresses.

Needless to say, I’m not terribly pleased….

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