Our Sea Kayaking Adventure…

Written by Scott

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Sea Kayaks

This past weekend, Sammy and I headed up toward Bellingham for some one-on-one time, some camping, and some sea kayaking.

As it turned out, the weather wasn’t exactly on our side. We got to the campground late Friday afternoon, got set up, ate, relaxed, and went to bed.

Then it rained.

Pretty much the rest of the time we were there, until Sunday.

But we still had fun. And the sea kayaking was a blast.

The guide company was Elakah! Expeditions, and we’d chosen the sunset expedition out of Bellingham. (We’d taken advantage of an awesome Groupon offer a while back for this). There was a break in the rain late in the afternoon that lasted through the instruction time and until a little way into the trip.

But then it started coming down. And it felt so good, and relaxing. It came and went, then we hit another. And then some REALLY dark storm clouds rolled in, and some heavy rain that we could see in the distance (coming our way). Oh, and lots of thunder. And lightning, some of it pretty close. Too close.

So, to err on the side of safety, we headed toward shore and turned back, and got in early. Despite that, we absolutely loved it. It was  so much fun.

Plus Mike, the owner, extended an offer for us to come back to make up for it. Which we absolutely will be doing.

And absolutely check out Elakah!

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